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Jotazeld August 2, 2010 06:24

Boundary Conditions RANS rhopisofoam
Dear CFD friends,
I am very new to OpenFoam. I would like to initialize alphat, epsilon, k mut, omega and R for rhopisofoam RANS. Could someone help me please?,
Thank you very much.

nileshjrane August 22, 2010 08:13

Can you please post details about your case and what kinda help you need?? i mean in calculating or setting up or whatever..

Jotazeld August 22, 2010 13:46

Dear CFD friend,
I have a duct ( inlet, outlet, walls) and the velocity at the inlet is 10 m/s and the pressure at the outlet is 0.
If you need more information I can tell you more.
Thank you very much.

nileshjrane August 22, 2010 15:18

Well, i am also not very much sure about this, as i am also facing same problems, but would like to tell you what i know. It might help you nevertheless.

alphat =turbulent thermal diffusivity
R= Reynolds stress tensor
eps = turbulent dissipation rate
omega = specific turbulent dissipation rate
k = turbulent kinetic energy

I think the variables you need to specify depend upon the turbulence model you use. Say you are using k-eps model then you will need to specify k and epsilon and alphat.

And in case you need to calculate the actual values for the parameters, you can use the formulas used widely. See following link:

I dont know about specifying values for alphat and R.:(

Hope this helps.:o

just got some more info :-)
Please see this post, you will get more info:

Jotazeld August 22, 2010 16:34

Thank you very much !!!.

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