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deniggo August 4, 2010 08:03

AutoCAD file import enGrid / Netgen

Iím trying to import an AutoCAD 2009 geometry into Netgen or enGrid for volume meshing.
The exported .stl file of AutoCAD consists already of very coarse surface-polygons, which I can not delete or refine in enGrid. Netgen doesnít even show the .stl file (white window).

How can I import AutoCAD files in meshing-software as a whole simple block?

Is it possible to import (closed) polyline into meshing software and use extrusion for further volume modelling?


ogloth August 4, 2010 09:38


usually a water-tight STL file should import well into enGrid. Having said that: Sometimes it doesn't and it can be beneficial to first import into a different software (e.g. ParaView or Blender) and then export in a format that enGrid digests better. If you could post an example of what you are trying to import I can offer to have a look at it (preferably directly on the enGrid forum:

Btw, Which version of enGrid are you using?


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