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TomStarke August 9, 2010 03:03

Source Term for Joule Heating

I am currently setting up a simulation for Joule heating. So far I have produced a field of the electrical potential V using the laplacian solver. I guess the next step would be to map this field to a simulation that solves the heat equation.

I guess, a solution would be to add a source term to the laplacian solver of the form |grad V|^2 / rho, (rho is the resistivity and a scalar field variable), and then map the potential field V to that and solve.

Here my question: how do I modify the solver equation to include the source term |grad V|^2 / rho?

I guess it's not too tricky but I don't know how to implement the square.

Thanks for your help.

akidess August 9, 2010 03:49

I guess the sqr() function is what you are looking for? The programmers guide has a good overview of functions like that in section 1.4.1 / P-23ff (referring to OF1.5).

TomStarke August 9, 2010 19:13

Thanks! I will chase that up.


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