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stawrogin August 19, 2010 14:22

turbulentTemperatureCoupledBaffle in chtMultiRegion
Dear Foamers,

I make my first steps with chtMultiRegion and I'm a little bit confused about the coupling of fluid and solid domains.
In the tutorials a
is used between the fluid and the solid domian with a

K K;

on both sides, the fluid and solid side. On the solid side it is quite clear but I wonder if this setting on the fluid side can only be used in laminar flow or low-Reynolds cases (the example is a laminar case). If the flow is turbulent I think

K none;

has to be used to force the solver to balance the heat flux using the RAS-model. Or is the corrected heat flux calculated by the alphat wall function? Is there anybody who has experience with this patch and can tell me how K has to be set?
Thanks in advance

Best regards

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