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Linse August 24, 2010 08:47

Air (compressible) liquefaction - solvers and libraries?
I am doing simulations on the breach of a big vacuum vessel.
I know that in my case most probably at some point I will reach temperatures close to air liquefaction (vacuum breaches, air getting sucked in, extreme temperature drop due to immensely increased volume...).
Up to now I am still doing preliminary simulations with higher pressures than in reality, using rhoCentralFoam for that. But I hope to get to real parameters at some point (the sooner, the better).

Does anybody know a solver and libraries that would provide me with the means for such a thing including possible liquefaction of air (or the contained gases, to be exact)?

Does anybody have a better look into the different solvers and knows, which one possibly would contain parts of the problem, so I could try to produce a solver for the problem at hand?
I think information/howtos on the following steps/parts would be of help to me already:
- condensation
- extreme pressure differences
- extremely low temperature parameters

Thank you for any points of information already in advance!

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