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natern August 26, 2010 11:53

FSI Problem - Utilizing ALE method to map solutions
Hi all -

I am working an FSI problem using the OpenFOAM software as me primary CFD solver and have a question regarding the mapping of data from a source mesh to a target mesh that has already been deformed.

Currently my process looks like this:
- Solve fluid solution at time = t_old
- Use my own data mapper to map data along the wetted surface from the cfd mesh to the structural mesh
- Solve the structural problem for nodal displacements
- Use the same data mapper to map the displacements back to the CFD surface mesh
- Displace the geometry and perform mesh motion using my own algorithm
- Properly map the cfd data from t_old to t_new
- Solve fluid solution at time = t_new
- Repeat

My question revolves around the two italicized statements above. If I have already performed the mesh motion using an external utility, what is the most appropriate way to map the data using OpenFOAM utilities?

I was lead to believe that OpenFOAM has its own utility that uses the ALE method to properly move the solution from oldMesh to newMesh. Let's assume that the two meshes have the same faces and nodes, and the node numbers are the same, but the xyz locations of the nodes are slightly different.

Thanks in advance for your help.


marzbali November 7, 2011 18:00

Hello Nate,

is your case 3D? if yes, do you run it in parallel?

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