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keul September 1, 2010 05:05

Spring problem
Hi OpenFOAMers,

I'm working on a floating dock simulation exposed to heave using interDyMFoam from the version OF 1.7. To simulate bollards I used spring which allows me to determine stress on bollards. At first I used velocityLaplacian in dynamicMeshDict and I put my spring condition in the pointMotionU file. The floating body simulation is good but the motion due to spring is not correct. So I replaced velocityLaplacian by displacementLaplacian and I changed the pointMotionU file by pointDisplacement. I restarted the simulation and now it is the floatingBody results which are falses. The linear velocity components become too larges in some time steps. If I put smaller constants on the dock (mass, moment of inertia) the simulation works with displacementLaplacian. So how can I couple the floating body simulation with a spring expression?

Thanks in advance.


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