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mystix September 2, 2010 06:55

single droplet - dieselFoam
Hallo Foamers,

I do simulations with the dieselFoam solver on C12H26 - single droplets.

The parameters are:
Sim1: T = 800K, p = 15 bar, d_0 = 50Ám, Tinj = 343K, m = 4,7568949e-11
Sim2: T = 800K, p = 50 bar, d_0 = 20Ám, Tinj = 300K, m = 3.1847372e-12

Sim1 is working fine, but on Sim2 I have a really strange problem:

The droplet is only existing up to 225Ás - and is removed at 250Ás. But it should stay at least for 1000Ás.
The droplet parameters at 225Ás are: d = 23,26Ám (surface blowing is normal at start), m = 1,91282e-12 (mass evaporatated), T = 657,789K
At timestep 250Ás, there is no lagrangian folder anymore. :confused:

Can I stop that the particle is removed? I thought a partical is only remove, if its mass is below 1e-20. I changed the code in parcels.C, that there is no remove below a certain mass, but this had no effect. The particle is still gone at 250Ás.
Are there any other rules, which remove a particle?

Is there any pressure problem in OpenFOAM? Why isn't the simulation running properly with 50 bar?

Thanks in advance.

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