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roth September 2, 2010 16:23

fan patch acting as porous jump
In 1.5.x, the fan boundary condition allowed a negative pressure jump across a cyclic patch. That is, with something like this for pressure

    type          fan;
    patchType    cyclic;
    f            List<scalar> 3(0.0 0.0 -1.0);
    value        uniform 0;

we would get a porous jump, here delta p = -1.0 V^2

However, in 1.6.x & 1.7.x it appears that the jump is not allowed to drop below zero. i.e. in fanFvPatchFields.C we now have


-- snip --
        for(label i=1; i<f_.size(); i++)
            jump_ += f_[i]*pow(Un, i);

        jump_ = max(jump_, scalar(0));
-- snip --

I imagine this was put in for stability reasons and perhaps because it is, after all, a fan boundary condition but perhaps there could a minimum allowable pressure instead of zero added? i.e. defaults to zero but, if specified, allows negative jumps?


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