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Tanay September 2, 2010 23:06

Staggered or Collocated grid?
Dear all,
I'm a beginner in coding CFD algorithms using C++. I'm currently trying to understand OpenFOAM. Can anyone please tell me if OpenFOAM uses a staggered or a collocated grid arrangement? Does it depend on the Peclet no.? And is SIMPLE used in OpenFOAM?

akidess September 3, 2010 03:46

Grid is collocated, and usually simple is used for steady state and piso for transient problems.

Farshad_Noravesh September 11, 2012 12:43

collocated grid in openfoam
If Grid in openfoam is collocated then is the interpolation biased or just a simple interpolation?
Please correct me if i am wrong: staggered mesh is not used in openfoam.
by the way where the dissipation method of rhie is implemented in openfoam and is it possible to use time dissipation like Wall et al 2002 ?
Thanks to K.Mahesh method of collocated finite volume that it has very small energy conservation error.

Kind Regards,


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