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Cristiano September 3, 2010 04:20

Adding Hydrogen
Hi all,

I am beginning to use FireFoam Solver for modelling a Jet in Hot Coflow fuelled with a mixture which is made up of methane and hydrogen.
I have successfully run my first methane -air case :confused:.
I am thinking to add hydrogen since I have hot a lot of papers which includ a lot of experimental results for methane/hydrogen mixture.
What can I do to add hydrogen in the mixture (I have never written in C++ :eek:)? Which files should I set properly to do that?

I think of modelling this flame by two different combustion models (EDC and Mixture Fraction).

Thank you in advance for your time.


MaximeIST September 6, 2010 09:41

Hello everybody

Sorry Cristiano, I am also a beginner with firefoam and I cannot help you in this question, at least for now. I am still learning to use openFoam, and especially fireFoam. I reply because I am interested in what you did with the methane-air flame.

Did you succeed in running a methane-air diffusion jet flame,
such as Sandia flame?
Because that's what I am trying to do, but without success for now. I tried a lot of different conditions and solvers but never succeed.
What are the boundary conditions you choose for the velocity, pressure, and for b, ft and fu ?
(if I am right, b is the normalized fuel mass fraction, ft is the total and fu is the unburnt fuel mass fraction in the veryInhomogeneousMixture thermophysical model) ?
Can you tell us more about this succeeded methane-air case?

thanks a lot,

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