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And September 9, 2010 05:11

directMapped boundary conditions : pitzDaily3D testcase
Good morning to the OpenFOAM community!

I would like to use the directMapped method in the LES of the pitzDaily3D testcase without. In order to do that after having previously read the suggestions contained in the former threads, I'have followed these steps:

  • Download the pitzDailyDirectMapped testcase,
  • Modify the 0/U file in the following way



        type            directMapped;
        value          uniform (13.3 0 0);
        setAverage      true;
        average        (13.3 0 0);


  • Enlarge the channel lenght of four inlet heights (Eugene de Villiers Ph.D. Thesis) changing the blockMeshDict

  • Execute blockMesh
  • Modify the file boundary in this way:

        type            directMappedPatch;
        nFaces          600;
        startFace      715675;
        sampleMode      nearestCell;
        sampleRegion    region0;
        samplePatch    none;
        offset          (0.081 0 0);

Thus if I understand the meaning of the offset plane keyword, the mapping plane to sample the flow velocity is placed 0.081 unit downstream from the first domain point along the x directions. Is this right ?

Anyway I'm not sure to know the correct meaning of the keyword sampleMode contained in the dictionary. Could someone give any further information about the sampleMode nearestCell keywords ?


Andrea Aprovitola

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