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gkewl September 10, 2010 12:37

Reaction steps in XiFoam

Does anyone know where I can see the reaction steps being determined/calculated in XiFoam?

I am new to OpenFoam, so any suggestions in this regard is appreciated!


smehdi609 September 11, 2010 16:09

XiFoam uses a flamelet model, like every other flamelet model you do not use the reaction kinetics in the CFD code. In a flamelet model, all the calculations using the detailed chemical kinetics are done apriori. Sometimes the detailed chemical kinetics are not even used and empirical relations are employed for the local laminar flame behavior.

gkewl September 14, 2010 10:58


Thanks for your reply! :)

So, in OpenFOAM, can we see where the calculations or empirical relations are included?

Also, in OpenFOAM, is there a way we can perform calculations for pre-mixed combustion while also being able to modify the chemical reactions/kinetics?


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