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yairsuari September 14, 2010 06:56

simulating wind over terrain
Dear foamers
i am thinking of using openfoam to simulate wind flow over terrain (to predict wind pattern at sailing events venues).
the method i thought of using is by inserting boundary conditions for different velocity and direction cases, running for a few hours and look at the stabilized wind.
1. do you think its possible
2. i am thinking of using only pressure and velocity field, no temperature, will the results be too distorted?
3. how do i generate my mesh?

4. just an attempt, has anyone done this before?

tanvir1711 October 26, 2010 16:48

hey, did u do it? what was the result..i also want to do it to design a wind turbine..

robingilbert October 26, 2010 16:56

have u tried the actuator disk tutorial in 1.7 wind solver??
It can be found here :

it has simulation of 2 wind turbines on 2 hills with wind blowing.

yairsuari October 26, 2010 17:25

sorry but i never got to doing it (not with openfoam)

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