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maysmech September 14, 2010 08:29

How to define B.C. for U'2 (u'u',v'v',u'v',...)?
Hello to all,
i want to define inlet boundary condition for rearward facing step and using Driver and Sigmiller data. Not only for velocity, it also need inlet B.C for "U Prime 2" which is a tensor with 6 value for each node. (u'2,v'2,w'2,u'v',u'w',v'w')

The problem is how and where should it be defined. i haven't seen anywhere in tutorial files that in 0 folder has been defined.

maysmech September 15, 2010 07:39

i want use k-e turbulence model.

jiez November 3, 2013 20:07

Just for correction of U'2
The order of entries in U'2 should be (u'2 u'v' u'w' v'2 v'w' w'2)

skyinventorbt November 8, 2013 00:12

"k" as input or "LRR"

Originally Posted by maysmech (Post 275282)
i want use k-e turbulence model.

Use LRR model.

If k-epsilon is must, then change the tensor into a scalar 'k' and feed as input.
(As I guess only way to feed this tensor data is by using 'k')

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