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snehal September 15, 2010 03:48

Help!!! Sphere in Cross-Flow
Hello everybody,
I am running a case of "Vortex shedding of a sphere in cross-flow" in OpenFOAM but am unable to get the vortex shedding.
the size of the domain is 20Dx10Dx10D
where D is diameter of sphere which is 1m for my case.

The case begins with vortex shedding initially(just once) when the fluid flows over for the first time n then gets steady, only getting wavy.

If anybody has even the slightest idea it would be really aprreciated.
Also if anybody has simulated this case successfully pls help me out and also please let me know if domain size is appropriate.
the reynolds number is 27400
and viscosity nu is 15.11e-06


L.J.Jiang September 16, 2010 11:30

Hi, Snehal

I am struggling in the same issue, too.
Maybe the following thread can give you some hint:

Good luck,

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