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derrek.cooper September 15, 2010 22:16

How many commercial companies are using OpenFOAM
Just curious, how many commercial companies are using OF? Seem like there Is great potential for open source computational software in the engineering community... but my experience shows that there will be a slow adoption..

elvis September 16, 2010 02:58


take a look at

you can see that Volkswagen and it`s other Brands make use of OF.
Also from the OpenFOAM Workshops
you see that some bigger companies make use of OpenFOAM.

It depends on countries, some have a bigger OF community (like Scandinavia, austria, suisse maybe germany) some are smaller.

alberto September 17, 2010 00:43

To make it short, we do not know exactly. Some company made it clear, some other company did not.

It is not clear at what level OpenFOAM has been adopted (only code? with other commercial codes? what applications and customizations were made to adapt it to the use-case).

Surely OpenFOAM is attracting the attention of industrial users, interested in eliminating the licensing costs and in reducing their dependency on the big CFD vendors.

If you look around and count the companies offering support for OpenFOAM, you find quite some, which might be an indicator (I do not know how reliable).

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