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Daniel_Jung September 22, 2010 05:02

RhoPimpleFoam calculation of natural and forced convection
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Hi everybody,
I'm really new to the whole OpenFoam thing, but have read the manual, done the tutorials and have searched the web wuite a long Time. But now I'm at the point I need to ask guys that really know what they are doing.

I got a model of a "Dice" with edgelength of 0.5 meters.
There ist a Inflow of cold gas into the dice. The Inlet has a Diameter of 3 cm and the Velocity of Inflow is 3cm/s with a temperature of 300K.
The wall Temperatures are fixed to 500K. In addition there is a "heating-element" (some sort of bar that is kept on constant temperature of 1000K).
And of course an outlet for the gas.
I would like to calculate the heat-transfer-coefficient (I think its alphat) at the walls, the velocities and temperatures of the gas.

Up to now I took the rhoPimpleFoam solver, but I don't seem to get any kind of free convection inside. Also I'm not sure wether rhoPimpleFoam is the correct choice- should I use the buoyant - Solvers for this task?
Also I just took the themophysical properties file out of the tutorial-example. But I just can't find any description of how to set the properties of the gas, which should be Argon in this case. I think it's air up to now.
And last but not least... I just can't find some sort of real documentation when to use the different funcitons, which keyword for boundaries do what and how to tell OpenFoam to calculate all alphat (if this above is correct). Is there any documentation that could help me- I'm simply not finding a real way to get familiar with this OpenFoam settings and keywords?

Thank you very very much for any kind of answer or/and help.


P.s. I've attached some files- perhaps they can help to understand what I did. The mesh was to big, if it would help to see, I can upload it somewhere else and send a link to it.

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