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msdmazarei September 28, 2010 14:31

Coupled Equ in electromagnetics
Hi everyOne,
I Read all posts and i could not find any correct and exact answer to my question,
i want to solve Electromagnetics Wave Equ, but i don't know what do i do.
my equs are:

curl(E)=- mu * ddt(H)
curl(H)= epsilon * ddt(E) + sigma * E

sigma=function of some params
epsilon is a constant
mu is constant
E is electric field vector
H = B/mu = magnetic field vector

i dont want to compact equations to one equation cause i need this form to develop my code

msdmazarei September 30, 2010 14:44

There is no One To Help Me?
F1 F1 F1 F1 F1 F1
i read about hook but it used for multiregion and mesh domain
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp Please

kalle October 1, 2010 02:55


Have a look at this thread:

I never looked into the problem, but it would be cool if someone found out a way to solve it...


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