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MrAnderson September 30, 2010 04:30

OpenFOAM compilation
Dear All,

I am trying to perform a Fluid and Structure Interaction simulation between a fluid and a beam.
To do this I combine deal.ii and OpenFOAM. So far I have been able to compile deal.ii with success, however I got the following error when I try to compile OpenFOAM with my ICOFSI solver:

make: *** [Make/linux64GccDPOpt/icofsi.o] Error 1

Is there anyone who can guide me in this problem?
Thank You All!

wyldckat September 30, 2010 17:44

Greetings MrAnderson,

Well, can you elaborate on the error you are getting? Like, what were the errors before that last one?

For example, run this in your solver's code folder:

wmake all > make.log 2>&1
tar -czf make_log.tar.gz make.log

Then attach the compressed "make_log.tar.gz" file to your post.

Additionally, what version of OpenFOAM are you using? And did you install it from source or did you install the Debian package for Ubuntu?

Best regards,

andyj September 30, 2010 20:29

I would guess that the compiler installed is missing a dependency or is the wrong version of the compiler. . Check to see if you need more than a basic gcc. And you may need to use a specific version of gcc along with ancillary scripts.
It appears you are using the solvers compiler rather than your Linux Operating System compiler. Do you have a compiler installed on your Linux OS you can use rather than the solvers compiler. And do you have all the additional dependencies for your compiler installed.

An example of Openfoam On opensuse install:

You should be using gcc-4.5.0 per the openfoam website to compile.

Install Instructions from openfoam:

good luck

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