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lordvon October 2, 2010 09:34

GGI Interface Partially Against a Wall
Suppose we take the mixerGgi tutorial case (closed; outer wall and rotating mesh boundary are concentric) and introduce a few openings in the outer wall for inlets and outlets, and also enlarge the fan blades so that there is a small gap between the tip of the blades and the outer wall.

Is it possible to extend the rotating mesh boundary all the way to the outer wall (then the only stator mesh remaining would be that of the inlets and outlets), and would any advantage be gained in this setup?

Ohbuchi October 3, 2010 19:45


If you extend the rotating mesh boundary(GGI interface?) all the way to the outer wall,
whole domain other than its inlet and/or outlet opening boundary would be rotating.
So it would be suitable MRF simulation, but if you treat outer wall as counter-rotating wall, inlet and/or boundary on the outer wall should be rotating.
Can we handle these rotating region by use of partial overlap Ggi?

hjasak October 6, 2010 08:21

You should use the sliding interface for this: it will geometrically split the patch and allow you to specify the boundary condition on the exposed part in the usual way.


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