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Algimantas October 9, 2010 04:48

Calculation of burned gas inside tube
Hi all :) I'd like to calculate characteristics (flow, temperatures, etc.) of burned CNG gas (it's mainly methane) inside tube with spiral, aka turbulisator, while changing turbulisator's rotation angle. Is it possible to do that with OpenFOAM, and if yes, how? :) I'm compiling this software now, so as you can guess, my knowledge of how to use it is pretty poor :rolleyes: Thanks.

JanKubata October 14, 2010 04:04

I think yes - it's possible to simulate your problem with OpenFOAM. For simulation of reactions (partially premixed or nonpremixed combustion) in gaseous phase use reactingFoam solver for example. You need a proper chemistry for simulation of combustion. Or you can use xiFoam based solver for flamelet-type solution for premixed combustion. It depends which one is better for your case.

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