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maysmech October 10, 2010 16:39

3 Questions about B.C
Hi all,
Three questions about B.C:

1-What does it mean? (in bouyantPimpleFoam):

        type            buoyantPressure;
        rho            rhok;
        value          uniform 0;

2- what does it mean? (in pisoFoam):

        type            inletOutlet;
        inletValue      uniform (0 0 0);
        value          uniform (0 0 0);

3- As you know we need to define only one of P and U in boundaries but we must define something in OF for all parameters. so if we define pressure for example as fixed value what should be defined for U?

Thanks in advances,

sabin.ceuca October 11, 2010 04:43

Hi maysmech,
according to the userguide is the BC "inletoutlet" and I quote >>
Switches U and p between fixedValue and zeroGradient depending on direction of U inletValue, value. << I hope this helps you somehow :)
For the "buoyant" BC i really don't know how it works..

maysmech October 20, 2010 03:57

Thanks for your reply,
i don't know which B.C type should be used for U, when we set pressure as fixedValue and U is not fully developed to use zeroGradient.

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