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RalphS October 14, 2010 03:28

There are some news about the difficult with "sharp" edges?

For example, I have a cylinder: inlet, outlet, wall.

How can I improve the behaviour of sHM at the end of the cylinder?

vinz October 14, 2010 04:30


Look for snapEdge on the forum.
Depending on the complexity of your mesh it does a pretty good job!

phsieh2005 October 14, 2010 05:57

Hi, RalphS,

For the cylinder case, I will use setSet to "collect" the cells that fall inside the region you want. Then, do a subsetMesh to cut out the cells you do not want. You should get a pretty good mesh at the cylinder ends.

You have to repeat this twice, one for the inlet and one for the outlet.


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