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N. A. October 15, 2010 12:09

PaSR combustion; Species for dieselFOAM and coalChemistryFOAM
Hello Foamers,

I have few points that I need help to understand.

Q1. I found that for dieselFOAM and the tutorial aachenBomb, the initial sub-directory ("0") does not have file for C7H16, CO2 and H2O. It only has O2 and N2 files with BC specified. As the solution progresses, the intermediate results give C7H16, CO2 and H2O files. if I compare a similar two-phase flow (lagrangian-Eulerian approach) of using coalChemistryFOAM and the tutorial simpilfiedSiwek, then there are species initial and BC file in the sub-directory 0.
Why is this difference in the two approaches. what should be done so that the simplifiedSiwek does not read the species file in the sub-directory of "0", just as it is done in aachenbomb using dieselFOAM.

The dieselFOAM solver: dieselFOAM.C has calculations of kappa and other parameters related to Chalmers PaSr combustion model. However coalChemistryFOAM.C (for coalChemistryFOAM solver) do not include calculations of these parameters. Then what is the combustion model used in coalChemistryFOAM.

Q3. Has anyone implemented heterogenous reaction and coal gasification reaction mechanism in OpenFOAM. If yes I would like to share some experience in solving chemistry for these reaction mechanism.

Any thoughts, discussion and suggestions on above points is welcomed and much appreciated.


nileshjrane January 17, 2011 11:07

Ans to Q2:

See "chemistry.h" file in the folder of "coalChemistryFoam".

yingkun June 13, 2011 23:13

do you use coalChemistryFoam?my case has two inlets/one outlet,what should I do with the two inlets(inlet1 is primary jet include coal and air which is 300K,and inlet2 is preheated gas which is 1500K to ignite the coal )?where to set the coal properties(in constant/coalcloud1properties?)
I have so many questions,I hope you could answer me.
if you see, please add my QQ:549844146
Best regards

nileshjrane June 17, 2011 03:32

Sorry to disappoint you, but i never used this solver..i thought of using it but then figured out some other waysfor my problem..

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