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openfoam1 October 26, 2010 01:45

valueFraction change with time for multiphase simulations
Hi people ;

i have a multiphase simulation of water drop on a flat plate with partial slip .

so the plate boundary should be wall with a given valueFraction

i want the partial slip affect the water only not the air (partial slip on water drop and no slip on the air)

i can put a nonuniform boundary condition for the drop seat for alpha_1 with a valueFraction i want. and for air = 1 (which corresponding to no-slip condition)

the problem here is that the drop should move :) so that the valueFraction should change with alpha_1 change on the wall

could any one have any experience in openFoam with such simulation

i want the valueFraction be associated with water phase only when the time change . is that available in OF?

thank you.

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