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RalphS October 28, 2010 04:55

Flow through an elbow, differences with starccm+

I simulate a flow through an elbow.
I compare my results with a simulation with starccm+.

I use the solver "my_rhoSimpleFoam", I have modified the enthalpy equation to get a right Temperature field.

Here some information of my results:

The velocity field is identical.
The static pressure field is also identical.
Kinetic energy and eddy-viscosity almost identical.
I also calculate an "Uniformity Index" at the outlet, the value is also comparably.

The distribution of the Temperaturfield is also very analog (With the new total enthalpy equation). But the temperatur is a bit too low, and the density a little bit too high at the outlet. So my total pressure loss (measuring, outlet - inlet) is about 50 % too low.

The value of total Temperatur is identical.

I think either the total enthalpy equation is not 100 % perfect, or I don't use the right thermophysical model. Have you some idea?



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