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michielm October 29, 2010 03:56

VOF (interfoam) vs moving mesh (icoDymfoam)
Hi all,
I am pretty new to OpenFOAM and I was wondering if you guys have some advice on the usage of either of the two methods specified in the title for a surface tension dominated two-phase flow problem.

Thanks in advance!

LarsPT October 29, 2010 12:12


I use interFoam for capillary driven flows and I don't think that you can use icoDymFoam for a multiphase flow as it is just solving for single phase flow with a dynamic mesh. So surface tension effects are, as far as I know, not modeled in icoDymFoam but in interFoam. Please correct me, if you know better.

Best regards,


michielm October 29, 2010 12:16

well, I am not sure. But if the dynamic mesh solver can do free-surface boundaries then it can be used for gas-liquid systems by neglecting the density and viscosity of the gas.

Does it have a free-surface bc?

ngj October 29, 2010 12:27

Hi Michiel

Maybe you should consider the following article to be inspired from:

Have a nice weekend


michielm October 29, 2010 12:37

Hi Niels,
Yes that is exactly what I am looking for! Thanks!

Do you know whether that solver is already available in OpenFOAM 1.7.1 ?

A good weekend to you too


ngj October 29, 2010 13:38

Hi Michiel

It has been a while since I read the article, so I do not know (1) what is the name of the solver they are using and (2) whether or not it is available in 1.7.x. If you could make a summary regarding (1) someone (or I) might be able to help you further.

Based on the authors, I would guess that the solver might be available through the OpenFoam-extend in version 1.5-dev.

Best regards,


akidess October 29, 2010 13:48

Michiel, I think that paper describes interTrackFoam, which can be found in the community version of OpenFoam (OpenFoam extend develop).

michielm October 29, 2010 13:51

Great! Thanks guys, thanks anton!

daveatstyacht November 1, 2010 15:54

Have you considered using interDyMFoam? It is a VOF, dynamic mesh solver already present in at least 1.7 if not in earlier versions.

michielm November 1, 2010 16:10

Hi Dave,
I think interDyMFoam is a very good choice if I opt for the VOF method. I do think however that I will prefer Langrangian interface tracking (like interTrackFoam has) because I am very much interested in the precise surface curvature

But thanks for the suggestion!

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