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Chris Lucas November 2, 2010 04:35

Velocity Pressure Coupling

I have a question regarding the pressure velocity coupling in OpenFoam. When I look at the literature, the velocity is first predicted by the equation u*=(1/A_p)*(H(u*)-grad(p_old)). Then the velocity is corrected by using the simple or piso algorithm.

However, when I look at the source code of e.g. rhoSimpleFoam, the velocity prediction is done by u*=(1/a_p)*H(u*). Why is the part of the equation containing the old pressure missing in OpenFoam?


chegdan November 2, 2010 17:14

rhoSimpleFoam is a compressible solver
rhoSimpleFoam is a compressible solver, so I'm not familiar with it. Take a look at simpleFoam for the simple algorithm and icoFoam for the PISO algorithm. also, here is a quick explanation of the PISO algorithm in icoFoam.

Hope this helps


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