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bunni November 4, 2010 11:28

adding features to elements of an existing mesh?
Hi all

I'm relatively new to OF, so forgive if this is a silly question. I'm designing a mesh with blockMesh - not importing files from another program. So, the following happens
1) I make a tank with a drain at the bottom. So, I've made a few hex blocks, faces etc.
2) now I want to add a pipe to the side of the tank. So, is there a way to attach the pipe to the surface of the mesh? Because, if not, then I cut my tank in half, put pipe halfway up, but I've basically tripled my hex blocks - instead of the blocks being from the the bottom of the tank to the top, they are now bottom of tank to bottom pipe inlet; bottom pipe inlet to top pipe inlet; top pipe inlet top of tank. And, if I want to change the position of the pipe, it gets very involved.

Is there an easier way?

vkrastev November 4, 2010 14:03

The block-mesh utility allows you to build only block-structured meshes, which means that you must satisfy the consintency condition at the interface between two adiacent blocks. In a few words: if you add the "pipe block", than you have to split also the adiacent domain, and this is unavoidable.
Hope this helps


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