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maysmech November 7, 2010 14:07

Using "patchIntegrate" command to calculate patch flow rate
Hello Foamers,:)

I want to calculate flow rate of a patch. i read forum and found i should use "patchIntegrate" for phi to obtain flow rate of patches.

How can i use it?

Thanks in advance,

flowman November 7, 2010 19:57

In the case folder you simply run:

patchIntegrate <fieldName> <patchName>
Replace <fieldName> with phi and <patchName> with the name of the patch that you want to calculate the flow rate on.

maysmech November 7, 2010 23:18

Thanks you very much Aidan,
How can i use it in parallel processing?

flowman November 7, 2010 23:30

if you enter the command

patchIntegrate -help
you will get the following output

Usage: patchIntegrate <fieldName> <patchName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges] [-parallel] [-constant] [-noZero] [-case dir]  [-help] [-doc] [-srcDoc]
As you can see, there is a parallel flag. I've never used it myself but I'm sure it works!

maysmech November 9, 2010 03:39

It doesn't work for me.

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