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Benjy November 14, 2010 19:09

multiphase solver for non-Newtonian fluid
Hello Members,

The static mixing of non-Newtonian fluid and nanofluid is to be simulated using OpenFOAM.
A two concentric inlets and one outlet Static Mixer with the 100% non-Newtonian fluid flowing in through one of the inlets and a nanofluid consisting of 50% nano-particle in 50% non-Newtonian fluid flowing in through the other inlet.

My question is, is there any single solver that can handle this problem or is there a way of rewriting the multiphase solver program for Newtonian fluids to solve this case of non-Newtonian Fluid?

Secondly, how can i handle this case of double inlet? I have only handled cases with only one inlet and one outlet.
I am a new user of OpenFOAM and have not much experience.

Thanks while waiting your respond.

anijdon February 18, 2011 17:09

excuse me I have a question about nano fluid flow in openfoam. I want to simulate an incompressible laminar nano fluid flow and heat transfer in steady state. I added energy equation to simpleFoam to obtain termal field for simple incompressible fluid, but I don't know should I use another solver instead of simpleFoam or should change same solver for nano fluid?!:confused: and what's the other solver or how can I change simpleFoam for this type of fluids?

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