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sven82 November 18, 2010 17:25

conductivity in chtMultiRegion

i try to use chtMultiRegion for a multi region with thin elements.
the thin elements isnt a region (NO MESH! for this region).
But the target is to simulate this too.
normaly i use a diffrent k (therm.conductivity) an the patches.
but in the chtmultiregionsimplefoam I cant set a boundary with a
other value as the region himself. I try, of course, to set the patch
with fixedValue or other, not work! as second step i use funkysetfields
for a complete cell definition of K in a specially area, but its also not work.

can everyone give me a clue for this problem?


olivierG November 19, 2010 06:16


If you think to shell conduction (thin sheets, no mesh inside), i'm afraid that Openfoam doesn't have this capabilities (yet ?).
So you should mesh the wall, and use chtmultiregion ..


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