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gandesk November 19, 2010 04:44

where is log file created??
Hello all,

I have ran few tutorial examples came with openfoam. I could not find the log file after running the case. Where do I find them?? Do I have to give any command before running the case inorder to create log file??

please help me


Ohbuchi November 19, 2010 06:18


If you need log file, please try as follows.

>simpleFoam > log.simpleFoam &

Fransje November 19, 2010 07:32

Dear Sandeep,

The ">" symbol in Linux is the standard output redirection symbol used to redirect a program output to a file instead of to the console.
So if you run any solver in OpenFOAM, without extra options, you will get quite a few lines of output on your screen.
Now. If you use, for instance, the command:

icoFoam > log &
the output will be redirected to the file "log", which will be put in the directory you are working in. You can give any name you want to your output file instead of "log", and Linux will create it for you.

The formal way of creating a log file in OpenFOAM is by using the command foamJob followed by the name of your solver. To get the same result as the example here-above, we would enter the command:

foamJob icoFoam
and OpenFOAM will run for us the icoFoam solver on our test case, and redirect the output to the file log. With foamJob you cannot specify an other name for you logfile.
The foamJob command itself comes with various run options. For more information, please refer to the User Manual.

Kind regards,


gandesk November 19, 2010 11:38


Thanks for the reply. I have been searching for the for a long time. I have one more question to that. How do I check if the case is running or finished or terminated?? Also could you tell me how to check the residuals and where to specify the convergence criteria.

Thanks a ton!!


Fransje November 21, 2010 14:11


You can monitor your log file during the run by entering:

tail -f log
Hit ctrl+c to stop printing the output.
The job will be finished when the log file finishes by End. And Linux will also inform you the process corresponding to your solver run is finished.

For information on how to monitor the residuals, you could start by reading the User Manual, and reading/running the three tutorial test cases included there. Searching that very same document for the key word residuals will also tell you how you can monitor them, and change your run parameters accordingly.

A short search on this forum would have returned the following thread:

Kind regards,


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