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sblee1977 November 24, 2010 04:53

In the header file of 'polyMesh'
I have a simple question..
I want to add a labelIOList type in the header file of polyMesh (polyMesh.H) as following: "labelIOList example_label;"
And "examle_label" will be initialized in the polyMesh.C similarly to "neighbour_" or "owner_".

When compiled, an error is displayed like this :
no matching function for call to 'Foam::IOList<int>::IOList()'
note:candidates are: Foam:IOList<T>~~~

My question is why the error is shown in the definition of "labelIOList example_label" whereas both "labelIOList neighbour_" and "labelIOList owner_" are well defined..

I am looking forward to your kind reply because I am beginner of C++ and OpenFOAM.. Thank you in advance..

sblee1977 November 24, 2010 19:57

Now, it works!

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