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lindstroem November 25, 2010 12:30

refineHexMesh - tutorial?
Hi all,

I just started my work with openFoam, and I'm rather impressed! But can anyone help me in finding a tutorial where the use of the refineHexMesh utility is described? I does what I am looking for, but I dont know how to use it!

Thanks for your help!

nakul November 26, 2010 04:21

I don't think there is any tutorial as of now. You may try to google it but it also doesn't turn up anything. If you come across any information please do share it.

You may go through the snappyhexmesh tutorial. It might give you some idea. Otherwise you are on your own!!

lindstroem November 26, 2010 06:20

Hey Nakul,

I just got great help here:

Additionally: tutorials/multiphase/cavitatingFoam/les/throttle


nakul November 26, 2010 07:47

Thanx for your help!!


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