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stecil November 28, 2010 12:33

Plot3D on Paraview: help!!!
Hi all!

I have a problem with Paraview! :confused:
I extracted vortices from my numerical simulation and I need to visualize them. The domain is a 3D channel, so I printed a .xyz file for the numerical grid. I printed also a .q file, but when I try to load it in Paraview, a message error appears: "Encountered prematurely end of file".
Could you help me to set correctly my .q file?
How can I print numerical results in order to create a set of isosurfaces? Is Plot3D format file good for my purposes?

Please, help me! :eek:


-- Stephanie

elvis November 29, 2010 05:12

Hi, PLOT3D is a computer graphics program designed to visualize the grids and solutions of computational fluid dynamics.
As you know Paraview is released by Kitware the company which also creates VisualsationToolKit.
So why donīt you use foam2vtk if you do not use parafoam. VTK is the native File format Paraview knows best. Of course you can convert PLOT3D -> VTK.

You can use Visit (VTK-based),
dxfoam -> OpenDX or many other commercial Visualisation Programms like Tecplot etc. to visualize your results as well.


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