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grandgo December 6, 2010 11:54

modifying cubeRootVolDelta.C

i would like to modify the equation of the filter width: "cubeRootVolDelta" to create a new but similar filter.

the equation of the cubeRootVolDelta (schumann's filter it is called in literature i think) is : delta = (delta_x1*delta_x2*delta_x3)^(1/3)

what i need is a filter with the equation: delta = [ (delta_x1^2 + delta_x2^2 + delta_x3^2) / 3 ]^(1/2)
it is called the bardina filter (bardina et al, 1980).

i looked into "cubeRootVolDelta.C" and found this (sorry, i'm new in openfoam AND c++ ...):
delta_.internalField() = deltaCoeff_*pow(mesh().V(), 1.0/3.0);

it should not be that difficult to modify, once i know what mesh().V() means.
but apart from this: what else do i have to vary when my new equation is set? what about the .dep and .H files?

i could use some help here.....

thanks a lot in advance

best regards

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