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jose21 December 7, 2010 19:56

OpenFoam doesn't write the solution time folders
Hello all,

I am a beginner in OpenFoam. After going through some tutorials and solving some simple problems, I have just started to solve the incompressible laminar flow over an airfoil.

I am using pisoFoam setting up a laminar simulation. I run the solver and the residuals for each time step appear in the console but the solution is not written in folders. I have checked the writing parameters in the file 'controlDict' and the program should write. I have tried to solve the same problem with icoFoam but it doesn't write either.

Any suggestions where the error is? mesh, wrong input files, ...


colinB December 8, 2010 03:40

have you used parallel processing?

If so you have to use the reconstructPar command to reconstruct everything
before you can see anything for example with paraFoam.
Im not sure but the folders themselfs should be in the processor* subdirectory.

Hope that helps
If not please show us your controlDict file maybe there are some parts not matching.


jose21 December 8, 2010 10:44

Hello Colin,

I didn't use parallel processing. I started the resolution of the problem from the beginning and now it writes the folders :)

Thanks for the answer.

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