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preichl December 8, 2010 04:04

Particles don't stick to the wall with stick BC
Hi All,

I am running a case using icoLagrangianFoam (in OF 1.6-ext) and I am finding that although the particles reach the wall and stop at a particle radius away, they are not stuck to the wall (and can be blown off if the local flow field is sufficiently strong).
I have the wall interaction set as follows:
type stick;

This issue seems very similar to the post at
which suggests that a solution to this has been implemented.

Should I be seeing this in OF 1.6-ext? (i.e. should the fix mentioned in the link above be in OF-1.6-ext) and if not, does anyone know what I can try to fix this?.

I also have OF 1.7.x installed, although my first attempt at compiling icoLagrangianFoam in 1.7.x complained about missing header files. Has anyone got icoLagrangianFoam working in 1.7.x?. I am guessing that the fix in the link above is in 1.7.x.

Any help or pointers to what I should try would be most appreciated. (i.e. can I take some of the code from 1.7.x and add it to 1.6-ext to implement the fix, or should I try and get icoLagrangianFoam working in 1.7.x).

Thanks in advance,


preichl December 8, 2010 20:06

Setting the wall boundary condition to escape is good enough for what I need at the moment.

CedricVH December 13, 2010 10:06

This is still not fixed in OpenFOAM 1.7.x. I have submitted a bug report.

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