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benk December 9, 2010 11:53

Accessing value at the corner of a mesh
Hi, I'm trying to get the value at the corner of a 2D mesh. I can easily get the values along the boundary by doing something like:


label topWall = 2DMesh.boundaryMesh().findPatchID("topWall");
fixedGradientFvPatchScalarField& bufferC = refCast<fixedGradientFvPatchScalarField>(C2D.boundaryField()[topWall]);
scalarField& valC  = bufferC;
forAll (valCsPositive, i)
cBoundary[i] =  C2D.boundaryField()[topWall][i];

But this doesn't include the values at the corners. How can I get these?

I've tried something like this which I found from


vector probePoint(x,y,z); //these are the coordinates of the value I need
label probeCell = mesh.findCell(probePoint); // this is the nearest cell to the point that I need
const cell& c = mesh.cells()[probeCell]; // a cell is a list of faces

forAll (c, i)
// This gives you the patch ID for a face. If the face is internal, you get -1
label patchID = mesh.boundaryMesh().whichPatch(c[i]);

if (patchID > -1)
label faceID = mesh.boundaryMesh()[patchID].whichFace(c[i]);

Info << "values=" << field.boundaryField()[patchID][faceID] << endl;


But this will only give me the values at the patches of the specified cell (not the corner) and moreover, it gives me a segmentation fault during runtime after spitting out the values at the patches.

julien.decharentenay December 9, 2010 18:39

I am no expert in OpenFoam. But it looks like you might be trying to access a node value, whilst OpenFoam only let you access the face values.

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