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jose21 December 9, 2010 13:36

Compressible Flow over Airfoil. Boundary Conditions

I would like to know which are the proper boundary conditions when solving the subsonic compressible flow over an airfoil. From my experience I know that in Fluent there is an special bc: FarField which is valid for both upstream and downstream far field. In OpenFoam I haven't found it and I am using freeStream, but I don't get the right solution. The solver that I am using is rhoSimpleFoam.

I am surprised that there is a little OpenFoam information about airfoils in subsonic compressible flow, there is a tutorial about the incompressible flow over an airfoil but nothing about compressible... anybody has an example of the resolution of such problem?


nakul December 11, 2010 13:04


You may try zeroGradient at the outlet and places where you want a "far-field" condition.

You can also try specifying a fixed value of pressure at outlet for subsonic flow.

sh.d November 3, 2013 07:58

hi jose21
I have a question similar to your question.
Did you find appropriate boundary conditions?
mach number: 0.5
and Re: 30*10^6

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