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deji December 10, 2010 12:33

fireFoam & hsCombustionThermo Type
Good morning everyone. I have successfully compiled OpenFOAM 1.6.x which I downloaded from the git repository and I also downloaded a version of fireFoam from google code. I was able to compile the fireFoam, but when I try to run the hotPlateLaminar tutorial, I get the following error message:

Create mesh for time = 0

Reading g
Reading thermophysical properties
Selecting thermodynamics package hPsiMixtureThermo<fireMixture<sutherlandTransport< specieThermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>

Unknown hsCombustionThermo type hPsiMixtureThermo<fireMixture<sutherlandTransport< specieThermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
Valid hsCombustionThermo types are:
hsPsiMixtureThermo<inhomogeneousMixture<constTrans port<specieThermo<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<inhomogeneousMixture<sutherland Transport<specieThermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<veryInhomogeneousMixture<suther landTransport<specieThermo<janafThermo<perfectGas> >>>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<multiComponentMixture<gasThermo Physics>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<homogeneousMixture<constTranspo rt<specieThermo<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<reactingMixture<gasThermoPhysic s>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<homogeneousMixture<sutherlandTr ansport<specieThermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<dieselMixture<sutherlandTranspo rt<specieThermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiMixtureThermo<veryInhomogeneousMixture<constT ransport<specieThermo<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>

From function hsCombustionThermo::New(const fvMesh&)
in file combustionThermo/hsCombustionThermo/newhsCombustionThermo.C at line 66.
FOAM exiting

Can anyone please help with this issue? Please.:(:confused::confused:


Bufacchi December 11, 2010 21:36


Have you downloaded all the revisions to the fireFoam code?

In revision r4 there is a log message saying "remove hs to be compatible with 1.6.x". This may solve your problem.



nakul December 13, 2010 04:47


As per your error message what is meant is that the basic thermodynamics class being used in fireFoam is hsCombustionThermo and not hCombustionThermo.

So you may change your thermoModel inyour themoPhysicalProperties file to hsCombustionThermo.

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