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Farshad_Noravesh December 11, 2010 01:36

I am trying to use the abstractProgressvariable code and modify it for nonpremixed turbulent combustion.
My problem is that i could not find how Y(z) and T(z) are written in terms of mixture fraction in the codes.
for example i need to put scalar dissipation in Y(z) and build the flamelet table.
Lets work together and build this important solver. In the next steps we can work on unsteady flamelet solvers.
Kind Regards,

hannes December 11, 2010 16:29

Hello Farshad,

the abstractProgressVariableThermo just defines an interface for the solver (it should call the "solveProgressVariables" function) and provides a framework for some exchangeable modules for computing the variance of the progress variables.
What the variables mean and how they are normalized is decided in the derived thermo class. For my computations of premixed and partially premixed combustion, I have derived the "SIJPDFthermo" (for homogeneous premixed combustion) and the "SIJPDFvarZthermo"-classes. In these classes, there is the code which takes the actual progress variable values, normalizes them and does the table lookup (in a macro). The SIJPDFthermo class contains the code for the PDF integration and the SIJPDFvarZthermo class is derived from it and just changes the lookup procedure, because the normalization of the progress variables for table lookup is a bit more involved for partial premixed combustion.
If you study these SIJPDF* classes you probably might get an idea, how to proceed. I guess, it is best to derive another class from SIJPDFthermo with its own lookup procedure, tailored to the definitions you want to use.
If you want more informations on the current code, you might have a look into my PhD thesis, where some aspects are covered. You can get it here.

Best regards, Hannes

Farshad_Noravesh December 16, 2010 09:03

piso loop
Dear Hannes,
You told me exactly what i was looking for. Thanks alot.
Please tell me where the piso loop is implemented in that flamelet code you wrote.
for example in reactingFoam solver it is implemented in reactingFoam.c
I also didnt understand where flamelet library for reaction rate is implemented.
I mean the omegadot should be a function of Z(mixture fraction mean) and Z^~ (mixture variance ) and Y .but i couldnt see it.

Farshad_Noravesh December 22, 2010 06:56

from openfoam1.5 to openfoam1.7 problems
1 Attachment(s)
I have attached the errors i get when i compile the code . please tell me how i could try removing errors.
Kind Regards,

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