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nileshjrane December 11, 2010 09:57

hydrocarbon gases + Boron particle combustion
Hi foamers

I want to simulate the combustion of gases+boron particles in a combustion chamber where air and fuel enters through different openings. Now the gaseous combustion is basically non-premixed combustion but i can live with PSR approach as well as thus reactingFoam would be okay for this. But the main challenge is boron particle combustion. Boron particulate combustion is quite intricate. There are some zero-dimensional models for single boron particle (eg Princeton uni. group or Penn state uni. group). So the approach i could think of is this:

--reactingFoam for gaseous comb + Lagrangian solver for boron particle tracking + zeroD boron particle combustion applied to each of the N particles at each time step

Does clubbing these three things possible in OF??

OR, is there any better way of doing this?? Is there a solver alredy available for boron combustion in OF??

Please help..


markusrehm December 13, 2010 07:20


try dieselFoam and change the surface combustion/evaporation model. Maybe even the coal solver may be helpful.


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