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noramat December 12, 2010 16:49

problems with the wedge-condition
hello all,

i have some problems with the wedge-boundary-condition, which i use to simulate an 2D-axisymmetric problem (melt in a zylinder).

1.) At most of the borders of my geometry i implement walls with a no-slip bc for velocity and at one patch i use a slip bc. The calculation is working very good, without any problems, but when i take the glyphs-filter in paraview, there are some vectors at the walls, which look outside of the zylinder. But it seems to me, that is wrong (at the walls). I thought they had to look along the walls!? Does anybody have an idea, which could be wrong!?

2.) I get the error-massage " ***Number of edges not aligned with or perpendicular to non-empty directions: 6344
<<Writing 6405 points on non-aligned edges to set nonAlignedEdges", when i check my mesh with checkMesh.. How could i improve the mesh according to that error?

3.) To test my border-values of velocity i take the plot_over_line-filter in paraview. But when i take it at the walls (where i used the no-slip-condition for velocity) the velocity components are not zero. Thats not right, but where is the mistake, because when i take the sample-command to calculate the patch-values, then all values seem to be right (zero)!??

Thanks a lot for any help.


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