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abminternet December 16, 2010 12:47

engine simulation with mesh motion and topological changes
Hi guys,

I have been trying to figure out how to set up a case for a cold flow simulation of an ic engine. I found a tutorial using an old solver which is no loger present in openfoam 1.6-ext (neither in 1.5-ext), and I would like to learn how to set up a case with the newer OF versions. Has anybody had any success? I am trying my luck with sonicTurbDyMEngineFoam without success. In my first attempt I used mesh motion only without topological changes, using the velocityLaplacian solver, and the piston moved slightly, then I tried setting it up with laplacdFaceDecomposition solver, but it gets stucked as soon as it gets to mesh.update(). I am really not sure if I have set up the case, and it appears to be almost no information on the net or forums, and the little information there is, is for previous versions using libraries that are apparently not there any more. Any ideas???
I would very much appreciate it.

Frederic Muller

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