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fusij December 29, 2010 22:09

Extended version: Dynamic mesh
Hello all,

I am starting to work with dynamic mesh in OpenFOAM and I have been gathering some info about it. But there are still some things that I am not sure about and I was wondering if you could give answer to my questions regarding the main release vs. extended version, when working with dynamic mesh.

Which OF release is the newest extended version out for? Is it 1.6?
What capabilities does the extended version offer over the main release? GGI, RBF and ...?
What solver is the extended version using for dynamic mesh? icoDyMFoam (1.6)? pimpleDyMFoam was released in OF 1.7, right?

I would appreciate it, if you could answer my questions. And more info that would kickstart my work with dynamic mesh in OF is gladly accepted.

Thank you.

hjasak December 30, 2010 06:06

Not quite as simple as that: the contributions by OpenCFD are treated just like any other public contributions and merged into the existing development line, starting from the last commercial release by Nabla Ltd. (foam2.3.2, 13/Dec/2004), and through the -dev version series.

The latest Extend release includes changes from OpenCFD 1.6.x (latest bug fix patch) and the next version shall include the contributions in 1.7.1 (x?) bug fix. The syntax compatility is at the same level, but by now the Extend line has got approx. 40% more features and more than 5000 bug fixes that were never considered by 1.6.x or 1.7.1. Because of this, you cannot simply pull out bits of Extend and compile it against 1.7.1 (unless you have a wonderful trick of picking up all related bug fixes and fundamental developments with it). :)

Hope this helps, for further info, please look at the Release Notes, git log and direct code comments.


vinair39 February 18, 2011 03:12


I am trying to work out external flow over a moving airfoil (rotating about a fixed point hormonically). For this problem I hope I could use pimpleDyMFoam.

anyone please suggest me how to do the problem using dynamic mesh in this solver....

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