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ramaerocfd December 30, 2010 12:16

looking for a basic tutorial to use openfoam
Hi everybody.........

i'm just a new user of openfoam. i've installed OF1.5 in windows. can anybody give me a basic tutorial to use openfoam. Thank you........


nakul December 30, 2010 12:38


You may go through the user guide first. Its the best place to start.

Also its advisable to install OF on a linux distribution for maximum convenience of use.

And finally get the latest version of OF i.e 1.7.1 There have been numerous developments in the code since OF-1.5

ramaerocfd December 30, 2010 13:02

Thank u for your kind reply i'll try it in linux.....................

elvis December 31, 2010 04:21


you might want to go through =>Basic Training Tutorials (gettingStarted.pdf, ofAppsLucchini.pdf runningTutorialsLucchini.pdf runningInParallelLucchini.pdf
ofPostProcessingLucchini.pdf etc.)
=>Basic Training
or =>Basic training

very good "made by Håkan Nilsson" "PhD course in CFD with OpenSource software" 2007-2010

the stuff from Open Source CFD International Conferences might show areas where OF has been used

Hrv Jasak list of PHD made in the context of OpenFoam is interesting as well

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