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Nontagonist January 2, 2011 06:37

Book recommendations for OpenFOAM?
I've dabbled a bit with OpenFOAM in the past and I'd like to use it seriously in future. My mathematical background is deficient but my C++ background should be adequate, I think.

I am seeking recommendations for books to be used for self-study that will help me use OpenFOAM to simulate internal flows in machinery with periodically varying geometry.

I have already ordered Mary L. Boas's (MSRIP) 3rd edition "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences" in order to try to remedy my mathematical inexperience. (Also the relevant Schaum's book.)

I see a book on Amazon called simply OpenFOAM which has no reviews - it seems to be an edited compilation of what is available for free on the net.

Do any of you have recommendations for books that will help me?

wyldckat January 2, 2011 08:24

Greetings R. Graham and welcome to the forum!

A quick disclaimer: I'm primarily replying to your post, because I searched in Amazon about that "OpenFOAM" book and I got alarmed about it's pseudo-fake publisher. Other than that, I'll try to at least give some starting suggestions, although I personally don't know any particular book that will help you directly to your issue.
So I hope more experienced OpenFOAM users can post better responses than mine...


Originally Posted by Nontagonist (Post 289004)
I see a book on Amazon called simply OpenFOAM which has no reviews - it seems to be an edited compilation of what is available for free on the net.

:eek: The publisher of that "book" seems to be itching to get sued by a lot of people. I browsed through their list of books in Amazon and found a review about their FreeCAD book, and it seems that they are charging a lot of money for a book with no quality control of the content. In fact, their books seem to always have 120 pages or so... and I'm not sure what they are stuffed with to make it expand up-to 120 pages!!
And with a bit more investigation, all of their books are just high priced paper made paperweights!

As for suggestions about books for OpenFOAM, AFAIK there aren't any yet about OpenFOAM specifically. Nonetheless, there are efforts being made to develop one, being done by the Extend-Project community:
So for now, if you really want books, then you'll have to aim for books about CFD. A bit of search here in the forum with the keyword "book" and limited to the OpenFOAM forum, I discovered this one:

Originally Posted by alberto (Post 255100)
A good starting point could be the book: Ferziger, Peric, Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics, Springer.

On the thread I quoted from, there is at least one more reference to another book, but it didn't seem of relevance to your problem, but I could be wrong.

Other than that, I suggest that you also check the suggestions made in these threads:
Best regards,

Nontagonist October 17, 2011 09:13

Thanks for the welcome, Bruno, and for the suggestions.

I was just looking around at the footprints I've left on the web and noticed that I hadn't responded to your message.

I'll be interested to see what SGI does with OpenFOAM.


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